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YOUNGCOME 30g Men’s Women’s Hair Removal

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100% brand new and high quality! Rich in many kinds of plant extracts, it can remove body hair quickly and cleanly.

Product Efficacy:

1.Hair Removal cream for Men formula is mild and safe with no irritation, no burning, no odor, no scratches or bulges on the skin.

2.Fast and Effective: hair removal cream is rich in active ingredients, softens the contact between the body hair and the roots so that the body hair is easy to break. Easily get rid of those hairy troubles!

3.Gentle & Fragrance-Free: The cream is gentle on your skin and free from fragrance and harmful chemicals. It’s suitable for all skin types.

4.Delay Hair Growth: With our product, not only do you remove the hair, but you also moisturize your skin, and delay the growth of new hair!

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YOUNGCOME 30g Men's Women's Hair Removal

$ 1,061.66

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